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About Dr. Brakana

I am here to help you with my extensive experience and dedication. After being part of the glaucoma units at the Assaf-Harofe (Shamir) Medical Center, the Tele-Glaucoma service at Padeh-Poria Medical Center, and the Glaucoma Innovations laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center, I currently provide consultation and surgery services in my clinic in Ramla. Previously I was also a Senior Lecturer at the Tel-Aviv University School of Medicine, and for 4 years I was chairman of the Israeli Glaucoma Society. 
I studied medicine at the Hadassah medical school in Jerusalem, trained in Ophthalmology at the Assaf Harofe Medical Center, and gained my expertise in glaucoma through clinical fellowship in the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. I have conducted many research projects in Ophthalmology, which I present in international meetings and publish in leading Ophthalmology Journals. My list of publications can be seen here
I also consult to Biotech companies, and am a co-founder of IOPtSens, a company developing a miniature permanent sensor to be implanted inside the eye and allow the patient to measure intraocular pressure at home.
The time that is left I enjoy with my wife Idit and out 2 daughters, Reut and Shira. I also play the violin and play tennis.
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